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7 Oct 2018
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Top Savannah Events

Spanish moss drapes the trees in this lively and artistic city. Home of SCAD art college, Savannah is one of the most happening places in the south. If you love the nightlife, you need to add a visit to Savannah at the top of your bucket list. With it’s pirate feel and endless legends, Halloween is the best time to visit Savannah and wander the famous cobblestone River Street. If you are brave enough, here are some of Savannah’s top attractions for you thrill seekers and a guide for your stay.

Where to Stay: Savannah Vacation Rentals

Before getting into the spooktacular things that Savannah has to offer, you will want to get set up in a nice place. After a long night of frights and inebriated fun, you are going to want to settle down in a place where you feel comfortable and safe. Before your visit, take a look at these gorgeous Savannah vacation rentals that have plenty of Georgia charm. Once you have decided on lodging, you can start planning your activities. Here are some of the favorite things to do in Savannah that locals and visitors are raving about.

Top 6 Things To Do in Savannah

Here are six ways you can spend your Halloween in Savannah.

1. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Based on the book by John Berendt, the tour explores the life of an antique dealer named Jim Williams. It includes a tour of the Bonaventure cemetery and the Mercer house. It is one of the most popular Savannah tours because it is based on true events. Many people visit Savannah specifically for this tour!

2. Ghosts and Gravestones

Savannah is one of America’s most haunted cities. The Ghosts and Gravestones tour takes you on a frightening trolley adventure. You’ll go through the historic district of Savannah and explore the most eerie places and legends.

3. Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour

There’s no better place to go on a haunted pub tour than Savannah, Georgia! If you are looking to hear some bone-chilling lore while cracking open a cold one, this tour is for you. It’s a perfect combination of Savannah’s biggest attractions; booze and the dead.

4. Moon River Brewing Company

Paranormal happenings are “normal” in the Moon River Beer House. The lady in white can be spotted at the top of the staircase. Sometimes, the ghostly residents of this restaurant play jokes on guests and hurl beer bottles. The basement is the most active spot in this brewery and guests are advised to stay away.

5. Factor’s Walk

Factor’s Walk is named after the cotton factors that made Savannah rich in the 19th century. It is one of the most sinister spots in Savannah, which is why it isn’t widely discussed. Some say that you can catch shadow figures roaming the tunnels. It has also been said that those spirits follow the living to their next destination.

6. Forsyth Park and the Old Candler Hosptial

Now a law school, many ghost tours still stop by the Old Candler Hospital. In 1876, yellow fever stormed Savannah. Diseased residents went to Candler Hospital hoping for a miracle. Hundreds died in Candler Hospital and were buried in the tunnels. Forsyth Park is right next to the hospital. It is said that the burial tunnels lie under the park where children now play.

No matter how you choose to spend Halloween in Savannah, the stories you will hear will stick with you long after your glass is empty.